51102 – Archivists



51102 – Archivists
Archivists manage, process, store and disseminate information contained in an organization's archives. They acquire, store and research textual material, pictures, maps, architectural documents, electronic materials, films and videos, and sound recordings and multimedia materials. They are employed in archives, in the public and para-public sectors and in private sector organizations.


Index of titles
Assistant archivist
Collections archivist
Corporate archivist
Fine arts archivist
Historical archivist
Multimedia archivist
Photo archivist
Research archivist
Video archivist


Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Develop policies and procedures for managing current and semicurrent archives, in particular corporate cataloguing systems, records scheduling and disposal, and finding aids
Design programs for managing, disseminating and storing archives of all types (documents, photographs, maps, audio-visual materials, manuscripts, etc.)
Plan the computerized management of archives and the management of electronic archives
Appraise and acquire archival materials to build and develop an archival collection for research purposes
Authenticate documents and records, and research the origins and significance of archival materials
Organize noncurrent archives and develop cataloguing and retrieval systems to allow access to archival materials
Assist people with their searches.


Employment requirements
A bachelor's degree with a minor in archival studies or a university degree with a certificate in archival studies is required.
A master's degree in archival studies, archival studies and information science, library science or history may be required.


Additional information
Progression to archive management positions is possible with experience.


Archive assistant (in 52100 Library and public archive technicians)
Librarians (51100)
Medical archivist (in 12111 Health information management occupations)
Library, archive, museum and art gallery managers (50010)