33101 – Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations


33101 – Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations
Medical laboratory assistants and workers in related technical occupations perform pre-analysis and pre-testing tasks such as collecting blood and other samples, processing specimens, and preparing special chemicals called reagents for use in testing. They conduct routine medical laboratory tests and set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. They are employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, post-secondary educational institutions and government research laboratories.

Index of titles
Blood bank technician
Clinical laboratory technician
Community health technician - medical laboratory
Histology technician
Medical laboratory aide
Medical laboratory assistant
Medical laboratory helper
Medical laboratory technical assistant
Medical laboratory technician
Phlebotomy aide
Renal technician
Technical assistant - medical laboratory


Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Collect, label, sort and prepare blood, tissue and other samples from patients
Log and validate patient samples and prepare them for testing
Set up medical laboratory equipment
Prepare chemical reagents to be combined with biological samples for testing
Conduct routine laboratory tests and sample analyses
Perform quality assurance of testing techniques and record results
Clean and maintain medical laboratory and medical laboratory equipment.


Employment requirements
Medical laboratory assistants and related technical workers require completion of a college certificate program in medical laboratory science.
Certification by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is usually required by employers.


Additional information
Medical laboratory technicians may progress to supervisory or technologist positions with a combination of additional education, training and experience.
Some employers may require medical laboratory technicians to have a diploma.


Medical laboratory technologists (32120)
Chemical technologists and technicians (22100)
Biological technologists and technicians (22110)