12111 – Health information management occupations



12111 – Health information management occupations
Health information management workers collect, code, record, review and manage health information. They are employed by hospitals, clinics, workplace health and safety boards, health record consulting firms and other health care establishments. Health information management occupations who are supervisors are included in this unit group.


Index of titles
Cancer registrar
Clinical data coordinator
Health information management coder
Health information management practitioner
Health information management professional
Health information management supervisor
Health information management technician
Health records classifier
Health records management coder
Health records management supervisor
Health records technician
Medical archivist
Medical records supervisor
Medical records technician
Medical records technicians supervisor
Medical records unit supervisor
Tumour registrar


Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Classify and code diseases according to an established classification system
Collect, code, cross-reference and store health records and related information
Abstract, assemble and analyze clinical data and related demographic information from health records according to established policies and procedures
Operate information systems to maintain indexes for classification systems and to manage and retrieve health records information
Prepare medical, social and administrative statistics
Use and maintain software or information technology systems
May implement and update health information systems and also provide support and training
May supervise other health information management technicians and related workers.


Employment requirements
Health information management technicians and related workers require completion of a recognized two-year college diploma program in health record technology or health information management.
Health information management technicians and related workers are eligible to write the Canadian Health Information Management Association national certification examination which may be required by employers.


Additional information
Progression to management positions is possible with additional training and experience.
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


Health information management consultant (in 11201 Professional occupations in business management consulting)
Health records administrator (in 10019 Other administrative services managers)
Records management technicians (12112)
Health records clerk (in 14100 General office support workers)