50011 – Managers - publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts



50011 – Managers - publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
Managers in publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate operations within publishing firms, film, theatre and record production companies and broadcasting facilities. They are employed by radio and television stations, by newspaper, periodical and book publishing firms, and by film, theatre, record and video production companies.



Index of titles
Administrator of studio and broadcasting station
Ballet company director
Book publishing manager
Broadcasting manager
Broadcasting station manager
Bureau chief - news agency
Copyright and royalties manager
Copyright manager - publishing
Cost and royalties manager - publishing
Dance company director
Editorial chief
Executive producer - video games
Executive producer - visual effects
Film and video executive producer
Film production manager
Managing editor
Managing editor - newspaper or periodical
Multimedia department manager
News department manager
Newspaper manager
Newspaper managing editor
Opera company director
Operations manager - broadcasting
Operations manager - publishing
Periodical managing editor
Permission manager - publishing
Program general manager - broadcasting
Programming director - broadcasting
Programming director - television
Publications manager
Publishing house director
Publishing manager
Radio programming manager
Radio station manager
Radio station operations director
Royalties manager - arts
Television station manager
Theatre company director
Theatre company manager
Theatre director
Video production company manager


Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Establish procedures and implement policies in newspaper and publishing firms, in film, theatre, record and video production companies, and in radio and television stations
Plan and maintain production schedules for publications, films, broadcasts, and theatre, record and video productions
Prepare and control budgets
Hire and supervise staff
Consult with government regulatory agencies to evaluate and review programs and policies, and to ensure conformance with regulations
Initiate or approve development of articles, books, films, broadcasts, musical recordings and theatre productions, and liaise with authors, composers, producers and directors.


Employment requirements
A university degree or college diploma in communications, broadcasting, journalism or other arts discipline is usually required.
Several years of experience within the publishing, film production, broadcasting or theatre industry are usually required.
Additional information
Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations (51120)
Senior managers - trade, broadcasting and other services (00014)
Publisher (in 00015 Senior managers - construction, transportation, production and utilities)