00011 – Senior government managers and officials


00011 – Senior government managers and officials
Senior government managers and officials plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate, through middle managers, the major activities of municipal or regional governments or of provincial, territorial or federal departments, boards, agencies or commissions. They establish the direction to be taken by these organizations in accordance with legislation and policies made by elected representatives or legislative bodies.


Index of titles
Assistant chief statistician - government services
Assistant comptroller general - government services
Assistant deputy minister
Assistant deputy minister - government services
Assistant executive director - government services
Assistant general director - government services
Assistant undersecretary of state
Band manager - First Nations
Chairman/woman - government services
Chairperson - government services
Chief - disaster management
Chief administrative officer - government services
Chief administrative officer - regional municipality
Chief coroner
Chief electoral officer
Chief medical examiner
Chief privacy officer - government services
Chief statistician - government services
City administrator
City hall clerk
City manager
City superintendent
Clerk of the House of Commons
Clerk of the Privy Council
Commissioner - government services
Commissioner of inquiries
Commissioner of inquiries - government services
Comptroller general - government services
Comptroller general of Canada
Council secretary - government services
County clerk
Deputy commissioner - government services
Deputy minister
Deputy minister - government services
Deputy municipal clerk
Deputy provincial secretary - government services
Director general - government services
Employment insurance appeals board chairperson
Employment insurance commissioner
Executive administrator - government agency
Executive administrator - government department
Executive director - emergency preparedness
Executive director - government services
Fire marshal
First Nations band manager
General manager - government services
General secretary - government services
Government agency commissioner
Government agency president
Government agency senior administrator
Grain commissioner
Health commissioner
High commissioner
Highway commissioner
Human Rights Commission chairperson
Inspector general of financial institutions
Liquor commissioner
Local government manager
Manager - First Nations
Municipal administrator
Ombudsperson - government services
Parole board chairman/woman
President - government services
Railroad commissioner
Receiver general for Canada
Regional municipality general director
Secretary to the council - government services
Sergeant-at-arms of the House of Commons
Superintendent of financial institutions
Territorial commissioner
Town clerk
Township clerk
Trade commissioner
Undersecretary of state
Vice-president - government services



Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Establish objectives for the organization in accordance with government legislation and policy, formulate or approve and evaluate programs and procedures alone or in conjunction with senior government committees
Advise elected representatives on policy questions and refer major policy matters to these representatives for final decision
Recommend, review, evaluate and approve documents, briefs and reports submitted by middle managers and senior staff members
Co-ordinate department activities with other senior government managers and officials
Make presentations to legislative and other government committees regarding policies, programs or budgets
Allocate human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and programs
Establish financial and administrative controls.


Employment requirements
A university degree or college diploma is usually required.
A graduate degree in a related field may be required.
Several years of managerial experience in the public or private sector are required.


Additional information
There is mobility among senior management occupations.


Legislators (00010)
Managers in public administration (4001)